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About Us


ASBL KAIOS is a young non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 within the municipality of Saint-Gilles, one of the most diverse municipalities in the city of Brussels in terms of culture and population. The non-profit organization was founded by permanent members who have more than 15 years of experience in the field of socio-economic development with young people as well as social structures. The etymology of the word KAIOS comes from the DAMARA language, a language spoken in Namibia (Southern Africa) and which has the meaning ``THANK YOU``. It is in respect, humility and gratitude that KAIOS bases its values to strengthen its missions of empowering young people from precarious socioeconomic backgrounds in order to initially provide the ``Life skills`` necessary for their development. Secondly, the non-profit organization participates in building general management capacities for project / program management and overall governance.


KAIOS first wants to make young people aware of their abilities and skills so that they can become aware of their talents in order to project themselves into a future where they can capitalize on their intelligence in a spirit of autonomy. On the other hand, KAIOS believes in building the capacities of individuals in a spirit of social and societal cohesion for better self-fulfillment through others and for others. KAIOS also shares a vision of a fair and united world, in which every human being can live with dignity. The current globalization, the digitalization of resources, the desire for economic and industrial growth have all favored the emergence potential of certain populations, however:

 Inequalities are growing between the rich and the poor more and more in Europe as well as in the southern countries;

 Our environment is threatened because of our way of life based on an overconsumption of natural resources. Furthermore, the effects of climate change are intensifying and weakening the most vulnerable populations in particular;

 The complexities of identity and socio-economic environments have pushed individuals and newcomers to the emergence of stereotypes, encouraging withdrawal into oneself and thus promoting fear of others;

On the basis of this observation, each social actor must enable young future generations to consolidate a civic conscience where “living together” is a model of cohesion and not of division. Understanding that individuals have multiple intelligences and that it is together that we harness our collective talent and skills to provide more diversity and interactions between citizens within a complex, diverse but UNIQUE humanity.