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About Us


The non-profit association KAIOS is a young non-profit organization which was created in 2019 within the municipality of Saint-Gilles, one of the most diverse municipalities in the city of Brussels in terms of culture and population. The non-profit organization was founded by permanent members who have more than 15 years of experience in social action using capacity building as a lever for awareness and socio-economic development. The etymology of the word KAIOS comes from the DAMARA language, a language spoken in Namibia (Southern Africa) and which means “THANK YOU”. It is in the exchange, valuation and gratitude of humans that KAIOS bases its values to strengthen its missions of empowering beneficiaries with few opportunities.

We use non-formal education as a learning methodology within our projects in order to complement the traditional education system but also to promote the inclusion of people excluded from formal education.
Non-formal or lifelong education is a learning process that offers a journey where participants leave their comfort zone in order to develop critical thinking and a plural perspective on our society but also on their environment. A development that requires collective, bottom-up and inclusive participation of beneficiaries where we educate through project, through action, while confronting them with their realities. Our audience is an adult audience aged between 18 and 45 years old.